Magnifeed Industry ®, Formulate feeds and create labels in real time

More than 30 years experience.

From this base we have created the most versatile and powerful software on the market. In a short time it has become the new point of reference for the sector, hundreds of producers of feeds and premixed feeds all over the world have abandoned obsolete programmes created in the past years in favour of a Magnifeed Industry:   they are using it quickly and without difficulty, being secure and giving great satisfaction.

Ask us for a free demonstration and we will be pleased to help you to discover the instrument that will solve many of your problems …

Magnifeed Industry®

Easier, more versatile and more powerful.

Formulate feeds, create labels quickly and without mistakes.

Always checked and conforming to European, national or supply chain regulations;

The SQL database allows real multi-users, full integration into the market, and overcomes the low performance of the older slow insecure obsolete programmes;

Managing the labelling of the feeds and the premix feeds is simple and efficient: you can save up to 80% of your time compared to older programmes;

Maximum compatibility with the most common business management software will help you save time and keep your data secure.

Completely integrated with your management and production software (PLC).

We input the data relative to the raw materials, premix of additives and formulae from any formulation software.

Using the graphic report management instrument, you can create any design for labels, commercial brochures and even technical profiles using the same software.

Simple, safe, intuitive and at your fingertips.


  • Magnifeed Industry is the only software for formulation and labelling that allows you to check in real time whether a formula conforms to the rigid EU regulations. You will not have to interpret complicated and convoluted passages – you will have an immediate view that is easy to understand and will allow you peace of mind and to avoid heavy finei.


  • No two businesses are the same and for this reason we are able to tailor our offer to each client’s specific needs.

    We have hundreds of products which can be tailor made to every business requirement. We have many modules that enable you to better manage: Margin calculation, Lists, Printed Reports, Links to management and production systems (PLC) etc.

    Yours is ready and waiting ….


  • We supply our clients with all our experience acquired over more than thirty years dedicated to this sector. Our advice service is available to you and will give you information about every detail relative to EU regulations. You will be supported in real time with quick and precise answers. We organise tailor made courses for you and your colleagues in order to give you peace of mind and to avoid fines.


  • The warehouse and tracking module represents the arrival point for many of our clients. By linking to the principal management and/or production software (PLC) we provide the correct answer to the relative regulatory requirements. A simple and immediate report form allows you to see all the details of the production cycle (supply, processing, sales) of the raw materials and the feeds.